BRAND REFRESH for Regal Cinemas

Tim Brown (Brand Manager), Samson Desta (Creative Technologist), Mo Lockard + Katie Willis (Art Directors), Melanie Matlock (Copywriter)











Regal needs to differentiate itself from the living room instead of becoming one. 

At Regal Cinemas, attendance is down, but revenue is up.  As more people are choosing to watch at home, movie theaters like Regal are forced to make up the revenue by upping ticket and concession prices.  

Theaters have responded by adding La-Z-Boys and craft beer menus.  But this solution does nothing to remind customers of what movie theaters uniquely bring to entertainment value.  

Be Changed, Together.

When movies are played in your home, they're just movies.  When they're shown in a theater, they become events.  And events are emotional, memorable experiences that have the power to change us, together.   

Regal has always championed the highest quality technology in the industry.  Now it has the opportunity to leverage that technology to humanize itself -- to become more than screens and surround sound, and to actually connect emotionally with its customers. 




Our team decided early on that we wanted to create a cinematic experience for our presentation.  We popped popcorn, crafted branded popcorn containers, and hauled in sodas and candy.   Then we turned down the lights, started up the projector, and watched our 20 minute video presentation on the big screen.  






We made the strategy sections into trailers, and highlighted the creative work as the "feature presentation."  Here's one of the trailers we made for the presentation to describe the target audience.


Click to play trailer. 


Here's a 5 minute version of our presentation video.  It won us a Cannonball silver award at the Richmond Addies. 



  • Interviews (people who love going to the movies, Regal Cinemas loyalists, film majors, screenwriters, movie theater managers)
  • Reddit threads discussing the future of movies
  • Man-on-the-street interviews at a Regal
  • Survey (82 respondents)
  • Focus group of movie lovers
  • Full team strategy brainstorm sessions (Katie runs a mean white board!)